Consulting Services to Develop Appropriate Agricultural Training Package


Thematic Area: 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014 to Tuesday, September 30, 2014



Direct HH Coverage: 

400 Clients and 40 Staff of Nirdhan Utthan Bank (NUBL)

Project Location: 

Bara, Parsa, Jhapa, Ilam


Enhance NUBL capacity in Agriculture lending by providing agriculture related technical training to NUBL staff.
Assist in developing NUBL client's capacity in improved agricultural practices to mitigate risk associated with agricultural lending


Training manual on Improved Agricultural Technology
473 Clients and 47 staff of (NUBL) capacitated

Major Activities: 

Consultation meeting with concerned organizations for collection of training materials
Review of existing training material and preparation of draft manuals
Design training package (schedules) to implement the trainings
Conduct pre and post evaluation
Training on best practices and Entrepreneurship for 40 staff on NUBL
On-the -spot training on best practices and entrepreneurship development for 400 clients of NUBL
Development of questionnaire for pre and post tests for evaluation of knowledge, skills and practices of trainees
Coordination meeting (progress evaluation, review, and planning) with government line agencies, stakeholders, WB/NUBL