Sustainable Integrated Farming System (SIFS) in South Asia


Project Title Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems (SIFS) in South Asia
Funding Agency Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Welthungerhilfe (WHH), Germany
Implementing Partners
  1. Forum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development (FORWARD Nepal), Bharatpur-2, Chitwan, Nepal
  2. Himalayan Bio-dynamic Development Trust (HBDT),  Kathmandu, Nepal
Project Location Shaktikhor and Siddhi VDCs of Chitwan district
Project Beneficiaries 1500 HHs comprising of Chepangs, Tamangs and poor families
Project Duration Three years and Two Months (Nov 2011 to Dec 2014)
Proposed Budget Euro 282,964.00
Project Goal To contribute to poverty reduction and increase of food security amongst the most vulnerable groups of Nepal, that will contribute to MDG1
Project Purpose Increased agricultural production and improved market access for 1,500 poor, farming households living in Shaktikhor and Siddhi VDC of Chitwan, Nepal.
Expected Outputs
  1. Increased food availability and marketable surplus by increasing the agricultural productivity and sustainable resource management.
  2. Additional income through improved market access and value addition to selected agricultural products.
  3. Building and strengthening of community-based organisations to improve access to knowledge and market access
  4. Best practices are promoted and shared through exchange, networking, and advocacy.
Major Activities
  1. Baseline Survey (Household economic survey)
  2. Conservation oriented home gardening
  3. Conservation oriented high value commodity promotion
  4. Model farm demonstration (FFS approach)
  5. Support for micro-irrigation systems
  6. Group farmers training on SIFS
  7. Seed groups and seed village development
  8. Participatory market mapping workshops for value chain development
  9. Post-harvest and value addition training
  10. Market mapping workshop for value chain development
  11. Collective marketing through groups/cooperatives
  12. Setting up market information centers
  13. Internal control system training
  14. Certification and support of conversion materials
  15. Nursery management training
  16. Cooperative management and book keeping training to cooperative leaders
  17. Publications of successful technology and SIFS model
  18. Dissemination of best practices and technologies through media