Celebration of 20th FORWARD DAY

20th FORWARD DAY was celebrated on 1st September 2016 through organization of various programs. The auspicious event was inaugurated by FORWARD Nepal’s Chairperson Prof. Dr. Madhav Kumar Shrestha by lighting the lamp on traditional PANUS followed by sprinkling water on the flower pots and cutting BIRTHDAY CAKE. Founder Members, Board members, Members, and staff members took part in the ceremony. Messages of Chairperson and Executive Director were delivered in this occasion.

During the program, FORWARD Nepal's Vice-Chairperson Prof. Dr. Durga Devkota, Founder Member Mr. Yam Bahadur Thapa and Member Ms. Mana Sen have delivered congratulation speeches. FORWARD Nepal's staff Ms. Sunita Shrestha gave her warm wishes and showed her appreciation towards the organization. Likewise, FORWARD Nepal’s Chairperson Prof. Dr. Madhav Kumar Shrestha congratulated everyone who played big role to establish FORWARD Nepal as the prominent organization of Nepal working essentially in the field of agriculture.

On the same day, Religious/flowering tree saplings were planted in the land of FORWARD Nepal located in Kalyanpur, Bharatpur Sub-Metropolitan city. Executive Director, Program Director and planning Director as well as other staff members of FORWARD Nepal were involved in planting saplings.

Posted date: 

Friday, September 2, 2016