Agricultural Learning Exchange for Asian Regional Networking (AgLEARN)


Thematic Area: 


Monday, July 1, 2013 to Thursday, March 31, 2016



Direct HH Coverage: 


Project Location: 

Banke, Chitwan and Surkhet

Target Group: 

Farmers’ group




Transfer innovative agricultural technologies practiced in Thailand, India, USA and other partner countries to target countries i.e. Bangladesh, Cambodia and Nepal.
Improve farm productivity by enhancing the capacity for sustainable agricultural practices through national, regional, and local (farm) levels training, internship, exchange visits and on-farm trials.
Implement participatory pilot projects on: (i) testing of technologies, management practices, and other sustainable agriculture practices used in partner innovation centers; and (ii) technical and financial feasibility of these technologies.
Increaseadoption of suitable innovative technologies through national and regional collaborationbetween academia, private and public sector.
Establish a virtual ‘Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Food Security’, with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers affiliated with several academic programs of AIT and partner institutions capable of long-term co


Farmers trained
Extension agents exposed to new technologies
Demonstration trials set up for new techniques
Regional learning exchange visits held
Center of Excellence (website) created and innovative agricultural technologies disseminated

Major Activities: 

Workshops and Training
Exchange visits / internship
Participatory pilot projects
Technology packages & disseminate