FORWARD Nepal continues to be known as respected, committed and dynamic organization in alleviating poverty through these strategies/Approaches:

  • ​​Devise a value chain approach for selected sub-sectors within agriculture, livestock, fisheries and aquaculture and forestry.
  • Actively engage target communities in research, institutional strengthening and development interventions to ensure the realization of their stakes and ownerships.
  • Utilize and promote local knowledge and skills in devising resource management solutions through participatory action research and development approach.
  • Address gender and social inclusion issues by ensuring participation of disadvantaged members of the community at every step of the development programmes.
  • Facilitate employment opportunities through vocational trainings and income generation activities for targeted groups.
  • Develop and institutionalize local resource persons, local resource centers, and community based organizations for the sustainable community development.
  • Seek and promote collaboration with various stakeholders including governmental and non-governmental organizations, academia, corporates, and funding agencies at local, national and international levels as appropriate for institutional networking, sharing knowledge, skills, experiences and resources.
  • Promote Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) considering sustainable and judicious use of the natural resources.