Building livelihood resilience and nutrition security in the Kamala River Basin, Siraha District, Nepal


Thematic Area: 


Saturday, September 1, 2018 to Friday, July 31, 2020



Direct HH Coverage: 

2,500 HHs

Project Location: 

All wards (45 wards) of three municipalities of Siraha district i.e. Siraha, Kalyanpur and Karjana Municipality. Core project area will be 16 wards of these municipalities that lies in Kamala river bank.

Target Group: 

Women, poor and marginalized farmers, flood vulnerable farmers


To capacitate vulnerable households on nutritionally sensitive and climate-friendly integrated farming methods
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Major Activities: 

Conduct participatory situation and vulnerability analysis for agricultural sector including three sharing workshops
Establishment/reactivation of 135 community-based farmer groups from 45 wards of three municipalities
Training of trainers/ToT for project staff and change agents (Appan Sangi) and mobilization of change agents (Appan Sangi) for sustainable integrated farming
Implementation of training measures on sustainable integrated farming systems (SIFS) through Farmer Field Schools (FFS)
Identification and training of 45 "Local Resource Persons" (LRP) in project municipalities (1 Local Resource Persons (LRP)/Ward)
Introduction of climate-resistant crops and riverbed farming
Support to Access a credit facilities through 12 revolving funds for farmer’s groups
Training of trainers to support agricultural services (repair of pumps and agricultural machinery, water pumps, etc.)
Facilitating access to farmer insurances in consultation with the government agencies and insurance providers
Implementation of a study on value creation
Training in value creation and marketing techniques
Supporting the local government in the annual participatory planning for the agricultural sector
Construction/rehabilitation of infrastructure for agriculture market and irrigation systems
Support to conduct master’s thesis by German/Nepali students on sustainable livelihood, riverbed farming, nutrition security and climate smart agriculture
Baseline and endline survey of project

Major Achievements: 

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Lessons Learnt: 

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