Completed programs

Study on Natural Resource Management Practices in Selected Communities
Bee-Keeping Business for PLAN Foster Families in Churiya Mai
Improving the Efficacy of Livestock Feeding for Increased Milk Production
Vegetable Marketing Systems along the Dumre-Besishahar Roadheads: Socio-economic Implications for Market Oriented Production
Integrated Farm Improvement through Soil Management Practices in Field Crops, Vegetables, Fruits and through Fodder Promotion
Reinforcing Resilience, Risk Reduction (Livelihood Security) Programme
Study on the Improvement of Productivity and Production of Oilseed Crops through Integrated Crop Management Practices in the Mid-western Region of Nepal
Promotion of Rainfed Rabi Cropping in Eastern, Central and Western Terai of Nepal
Banana and Agro forestry Activities
Social Preparation for Women for Crop Diversification Program
Diversification of Market-led Production System for Enhancing Food and Economic Security of the Poor People
Nepal Market Development Programme (NMDP) - Dairy sub sector
Study on Efficacy of Sisno Pani (nettle water extract) in Controlling Disease and Pests of Major Vegetable Crops of Mid Hills of Nepal
Community Food Grain Seed Bank Construction in Makwanpur District
Chepang Mainstreaming Program (CMP)
Baseline Survey for Feed the Future (FtF) Nepal
Integrated management of Grain Legumes in Rice-Based Cropping Systems in the Terai of Nepal
Child Centered Climate Change Adaptation (4CA) Project
Harnessing the true potential of legumes: Economic and knowledge empowerments of poor rainfed farmers in Asia
Capacity Building of Local Partners for Implementing On-farm Resource Management Project
Plastic pond water harvesting scheme for commercialization of vegetable and fish farming in Makwanpur district
Reconstruction of Earthquake Affected school in Lotanti, Chitwan
Scoping study to identify and select sites for livestock shed construction in Makwanpur district
Transfer, Evaluation and Dissemination of an Innovative Fertilizer Management Tool (Nutrient Expert) for increasing crop yields and farmers’ income in Eastern Nepal
Capacity enhancement of Returnee Migrants and Remittance Receiving Households (RRHHs)of Chitwan District through Agro/Livestock Business Promotion