Enhancing Quality Standards of Raw Milk: Validation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the Chain


Thematic Area: 


Monday, February 1, 2016 to Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Project Location: 

Bara, Makwanpur, Kavre, Nawalparasi and Tanahun

Target Group: 

The project mainly targets dairy smallholders of Nepal


1. To contribute to increase in farmers’ income from incremental increase in sale of milk with improvement to raw milk quality


1. GMP standards of raw milk met, from farm to the chilling centre in the pilot supply chain
2. Milk rejection rate and quantity reduced
3. There is increased milk productivity
4. Incentives of improved milk quality recognized the stakeholders for its scaling up

Major Activities: 

1. Studies
1.1. Rapid assessment and verification of pilot chains: direct observations, group discussions, stakeholder interactions at potential pilot sites.
1.2. Identification and induction of local consulting firm
1.3. Baseline study
2. Training:
2.1. Design curriculum in consultation with DLS (Directorate of Livestock Training and Extension under DLS) for (i) GMP ToT (for about 40 – 50 trainers) and (ii) Farmers training
2.2. Develop training materials: (i) a brief training manual as a reference book for trainers (ii) Training materials.
2.3. Conduct TOT training on clean milk production (include content on hygienic milk production, storage, handling and transport).
2.3.1. Trainings targeted to farmers for improvement to farm level practices and delivery to milk collection centers.
2.3.2. Trainings targeted to milk collection and chilling centre staff.
2.4. Conduct farmers trainings (on site trainings: in a group of 25 farmers 2-3 hours a day for three days, total training events (5000/20 ) = 250
2.5. Supervision and monitoring of training events for its quality assurance
2.6. Post-training follow up on adoption status and backstopping
3. Laboratory investigations
3.1. Locate potential laboratory service providers (DFTQC, DLS regional labs, Private labs)
3.2. Milk sampling framework
3.3. Supervision and quality assurance