Girls Act Project (BALIKA SHAKTI)


Thematic Area: 


Saturday, July 1, 2017 to Saturday, June 30, 2018


Direct HH Coverage: 

Adolescent girls and young women (age group of 16 to 30 years)

Project Location: 


Target Group: 

Pro-poor, marginal families, especially sponsor Child, adolescent girls and young women


Rs. 55,4966.00


1. Enhance children and adolescent girl’s agency (empowerment) in humanitarian and development settings.
2. Ensure the identity and strengthen individual and collective capacity of girls, adolescent and young women, to advocate on their issues, building their capacity to enhancing their access to financial and natural resources and marketable skills.


1. Promoted economic security, self-employment and entrepreneurship development for young women/girls of landless, very poor and marginalized families through their access to on-farm and off-farm interventions (Learn).
2. Promoted participation and capacitate participants and the members of Young Women Organizations (YWOs) to carry out lobby advocacy on issues of children, adolescent girls, young women and women with disability (Lead).
3. Raised awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights, education and control over their body for adolescent girls, young women and women with disability (Decide).

Major Activities: 

 Orientation on reproductive health rights to YWO participants.
 Advocate for the availability of health services (workshops).
 Sexual and reproductive health rights trainings for adolescent girls, young women and school teachers.
 Interest-based vocational training and enterprise development support.
 Project proposal writing training to YWO's members.
 Human rights-based advocacy development training (national plan of action for adolescent girls) to YWO's members.
 Gender-based violence management training for adolescent girls and young women.
 Institutional development and networking/alliance training to adolescent girls.
 Develop YWOs advocacy and strategic plan through interaction/workshop and sharing to YWO.
 Support to organize advocacy events through adolescents and young women.
 Leadership training to YWO members.
 Support CSOs working for girls and young women issue.
 Agriculture training and Support on Agriculture activities for YWO members