Improved Flood Resilience of Communities in Morang and Sunsari Districts


Thematic Area: 


Friday, April 1, 2016 to Saturday, September 30, 2017


Project Location: 

Sunsari and Morang

Target Group: 

The project mainly targets school teachers and children but also includes communities prone to flood


1. To develop tested model for increasing communities in Nepal's resilience to floods.
2. To enhance communities skills and capacity for managing flood response.


1. Enhanced Disaster Risk Management (DRM) awareness, skills, resources and infrastructure for better management of flood response.
2. Reduced flood risk.
3. Diversified livelihoods.
4. Strengthened social safety nets.
5. Tested and customized the Flood Resilience Measurement Tools per community.
6. Developed integrated project model to build flood resilience.

Major Activities: 

1. Trainings to community members in the relevant DRM aspects.
2. Design and implement extracurricular activities on DRM (with emphasis on flood risk) in schools.
3. Provide lifesaving equipment for search and rescue and first aid to communities.
4. Protect physical infrastructure, i.e. hand-pumps, tube-wells, toilets, schools, hospitals from floods (After FRM tool testing, the result of baseline survey).
5. Build a community evacuation centre.
6. Improve the quality and quantity of the ecosystem services.
7. Protect riverbanks by gabion walls and bio-engineering.
8. Train flood affected farmers in alternative livelihoods.
9. Establish saving and insurance activities (life, livestock & crop, infrastructure) through strengthened cooperatives/Self Reliant Groups
10. Modify/adapt the tool following feedback and results from testing of Flood Resilient Measurement (FRM) tool after baseline.