Improving the livelihood of poor households in Siddhi VDC of Chitwan through beekeeping development


Thematic Area: 


Sunday, February 1, 2015 to Sunday, January 31, 2016


Direct HH Coverage: 

36 poor households

Project Location: 

Siddhi VDC of Chitwan

Target Group: 

36 poor households (Chepangs)


€ 11,000


To contribute to improved livelihoods through Beekeeping development in hills of Chitwan; improve the livelihood of 36 poor households (Chepangs).

Major Activities: 

Preparation and conduct of the workshops.
Training on beekeeping (production level).
Training on the post-harvest processing, branding and storage of bee products including knowledge on the medical use (processing level).
Training on marketing strategies for the different products (marketing level).
Training on the manufacturing of bee hives and wax combs (technical management level).
Lecture on food diversity and honey utility.
Strengthening of SHGs.
Publication of training and awareness materials.
Coordination and networking.