Ms. Srijana Neupane


MEAL Officer


Agriculture Extension

Current Employer: 


Based in: 

Head Office


Bharatpur Metropolitan City-6, Gitanagar, Chitwan

Short Biography: 

Srijana Neupane is a Nepali professional with a diverse background in agricultural development, monitoring and evaluation, and research. She holds a Master of Science in Agriculture from Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science/Tribhuvan University, Lamjung.

With a passion for contributing to agricultural development, Srijana has accumulated valuable experience in various roles. Currently serving as the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Manager at FORWARD Nepal, she leads the implementation of research and development projects  "Grassroots Civil Society Organizations as Promotors of Improved Food Systems and Equitable Livelihood Opportunities (NPL 1083-22)" and "Empowering Youth Entrepreneurs through Appropriate Horticultural Interventions in Nepal (YUVA)." Her responsibilities include guiding field staff, ensuring proper project monitoring, data collection, analysis, and facilitating accountability and learning initiatives in the field. Her expertise extends to her previous roles within FORWARD Nepal, where she served as a MEAL Officer, Agriculture Officer, and Technical Research Officer. In these positions, she demonstrated her ability to develop MEAL plans, provide technical expertise in agriculture, conduct research, and contribute to project proposal writing and reporting.

Her commitment to professional development is evident through her participation in various workshops and training programs, including Postharvest solutions for small and evolving operations at the University of California Davis, and the Gender in Agriculture workshop organized by FORWARD Nepal in collaboration with Wageningen University. She had participated in 10 day TOT training organized by Ecological Service Centre.

Srijana's research contributions include publications such as "Comparative study of the impact of Azotobacter and Trichoderma with other fertilizers on maize growth" and her involvement as an author in the "Technical Report: Assessment of the Challenges and Opportunities of the Horticultural Sector in South Asia." Her master's research focused on understanding the causes and countermeasures of brain drain among Nepalese agricultural and veterinary graduates.

With her extensive academic background, hands-on experience, and dedication to agricultural development, Srijana Neupane continues to make significant contributions to the field, aiming to create positive change in Nepal's agricultural sector and beyond.