Regional programme for promoting a multi-sectoral approach for Nutrition Smart Villages in Bangladesh, Nepal and India (Nutrition Smart Village)-Phase:II


Thematic Area: 


Tuesday, December 1, 2020 to Sunday, December 31, 2023


Direct HH Coverage: 


Project Location: 

Rajgadh Rural Municipality of Saptari district and Paroha Municipality of Rauthat district of Province - 2, Nepal

Target Group: 

Women of reproductive age group; children <5years; farmer’s groups


1. To contribute to food and nutrition security (SDG 2) amongst women of reproductive age and young children from vulnerable and food insecure families in Nepal, Bangladesh and India

Major Activities: 

Kick off WS, Mid-term review, Final review
Ward/ village vulnerability assessment
Baseline data collection/ end line
Conduct PLA LANN+ (120 groups)
6-59 month child screening (in partnership with GoN/ UNICEF.), material or training support
NERP for MAM cases (15 days)
Develop excellent SIFS model farm - cost share basis (30 business plan/ landscape/ desing and drawing)/ flex printing
Develop 90 good SIFS farm
Training/ landscape development for 90 Good Group Leader (GGL) by Champion EGL
PLA: FFS by 30 EGL (120 groups)
develop nutrition garden
Kitchen garden development (agri kit support) - focus SAM+MAM families
Develop Ward/ RMC level annual/ periodic plan
Strengthen community institution/ institutes
Identify WASH activity in 15 wards (via micro planning)/ Implement WASH activity
Good practice documentatio
Advocacy workshop, knowledge and exchange
Public hearing

Lessons Learnt: 

To be updated