A study tour and internship program for Nepal was organized by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand from 6h to 20th December 2015. The 15 intern farmers, (3 from Chitwan, 7 from Banke and 5 Surkhet) and 2 technical staff of FORWARD Nepal attended the program. The team was led by Mr. Ram Narayan Chaudhary, AgLEARN Field Manager. The Intern farmers were selected in consultation with farmers group and discussing with the individual farmers.
The team departed from Nepal on 6th December 2015 and reached AIT on the same day by Thai International Airways. The Training program was from 7th December to 19th December 2015. Participants returned from Thailand on 20th December and arrived Kathmandu safely on 21st December 2015.

During the study tour and internship program the participants learnt the various agricultural technologies/ideas developed and tested by AIT Thailand through lectures, practical sessions and field visits which are as follows:

• Preparation of nursery bed and Soil solarization techniques
• Plastic mulching technology
• Preparation of indigenous microorganisms (IMO balls and liquid),
• Fermented plant and fruit juices,
• Bio-pesticides (wood vinegar and herbal steam)
• Bokashi and liquid-bio fertilizer, water soluble calcium
• Bio- char
• Fish amino acid,
• Egg yolk coating for increasing shelf life of fresh fruits, vegetables.
• Agricultural marketing system in Thailand and Commercial agricultural production
• Processing of agricultural produce like tomato
• Irrigation and water management
• Solar drier
• Pheromone and yellow sticky insect trap
• Agricultural farms management in Thailand

During the stay in Thailand the participants visited places of historical and commercial importance and visualized the development of Thailand. Four farmers from Banke purchased motor for bicycle pump and which will help increase production and productivity of their farms. Most of the farmers purchased accessories for drip and sprinkler irrigation system for their own use. Demonstration of these technologies would encourage the neighboring farmers to adapt new technologies. At the end of the program all the farmers promised to practice at least three of the technologies learnt in Thailand and also encourage 20 more farmers to follow these technologies.

The study tour and internship program provided a great platform for learning organic technologies and disseminating it for benefit of poor farmers in the rural communities. This training and study tour program has certainly helped to create a critical mass of organic leader farmers and trainers. The capacity of not only farmers but also of the FORWARD officials who attended the training and study tour program has been enhanced and would be beneficial for the organization to implement projects related to organic farming and training programs in the coming days.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016