Child Centered Climate Change Adaptation (4CA) Project


Thematic Area: 


Saturday, February 1, 2014 to Thursday, March 31, 2016


Project Location: 

Sunsari and Morang

Target Group: 

Primarily involves school children, but also includes school teachers, youth clubs, and parents in the area


To increase the awareness and capacity of children, youth, and communities on climate change issues and related disasters so that they can facilitate child centered climate change adaptation (4CA) process.
To develop and implement locally appropriate climate smart solutions that incorporates and demonstrates the 4CA model.
To advocate for the inclusion of best practices and learning from 4CA program approach in local, district, and/or national government processes.


Increased awareness and capacity of children, youth, and communities on child centered climate change adaptation.
A demonstrable child centered climate change adaptation model established through locally designed climate smart solutions.
Good practices and learning from the child centered climate change feeding into local, national, and regional government processes.

Major Activities: 

Training for trainers and communities on climate change adaptation, mitigation, disaster preparedness and life skills.
Street drama, publications (posters, booklets, comics), radio programs, essay competition and preparation of multimedia materials for awareness raising and dissemination of climate change adaptation and mitigation practices.
Establishment and strengthening of Climate Resource Center (CRC).
Development of early warning systems for climate related disasters.
Documentation of local knowledge on weather forecast and climate change adaptation.
Training on and implementation of climate smart solutions (rainwater harvesting, SRI, organic farming, stress resistant crop varieties, composting, seasonal crop calendar, afforestation).
Multi-stakeholders workshops for dissemination of project activities, achievements, lessons, and plans.
Organize travelling seminars for concerned line agencies for monitoring and evaluation and dissemination.