Plan Nepal

Name Position Expertise Based in
Comparative Advantage Analysis of Plan Working VDCs in Makwanpur District
Developing Baseline Census Profile of Foster Child Families and Assessing Domain Wise Situation to Support Future Development Intervention by Plan Makwanpur
Studies on Indigenous Farming and Natural Resource Management
Development of self-sustaining organizations for enhancing livelihood and food security of plan sponsored families in Makwanpur district
Sustainable Transformation of Agricultural Systems for Enhancing Economic Security of the Poor
Development of Self-sustaining Organizations for Enhancing Livelihood and Food Security of Plan Sponsored Families
Promotion of On-Farm Livelihood Option for Increasing Food Sufficiency and Family Income of Resource Poor Families
Capacity Building of Local Organizations to Implement Sustainable Agro-based Livelihood Programs
Household Economic Security (HES) Programme
Bee-Keeping Business for PLAN Foster Families in Churiya Mai
Diversification of Market-led Production System for Enhancing Food and Economic Security of the Poor People
Child Centered Climate Change Adaptation (4CA) Project
Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP)
Plastic pond water harvesting scheme for commercialization of vegetable and fish farming in Makwanpur district
Child Centered Disaster Risk Management (CCDRM)
Strengthening Community Resilience through WASH & DRM Project in Sunsari District
Girls Agency and Youth Empowerment Project
Girls and Boys Start Equally Project in Morang District
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