Gender Transformative - Community Resilient (GET-CRDRM) Project


Thematic Area: 


Friday, November 3, 2017 to Saturday, June 30, 2018


Direct HH Coverage: 

12 schools, school teachers and students, communities

Project Location: 

Morang and Sunsari districts

Target Group: 

Communities vulnerable to the flood effects, children and youths


Rs. 99,33,600.00


1. Build capacity of girls, boys, women and men for disaster/climate risk assessment, management and response and awareness raising along equipped communities for disaster response.
2. Motivate girls for their leadership for DRR/CCA awareness raising and sensitization in the communities, schools, and local bodies.
3. Support local government for DRR and CCA planning and implementation with child and gender perspectives.
4. Support schools, communities and local government bodies to prepare Community-based Disaster Risk Management Plan (CBDRMP), School Disaster Risk Management Plan (SDRMP), and Local Disaster Risk Management Plan (LDRMP).


1. Children and youths become aware of disaster risk reduction and adopt the techniques of the disaster risk management.
2. Local Disaster and Climate Resilience Plans (LDCRPs), Community-based Disaster Risk Management Plans (CBDRMPs), School Disaster Risk Management Plans (SDRMPs) prepared.
3. Institutional basis for DRR/CCA in community, schools and local government strengthened.
4. Local Resource Persons for the DRR activities developed.

Major Activities: 

1. DRM Planning training
2. Awareness raising and sensitization through days/events celebration, campaigns, competitions, and peer classes
3. Child events on DRR and CCA
4. Street Drama
5. Construction of the multi-hazard resistant houses
6. Mock drill exercises in schools
7. Orientation on family safety plan preparation
8. Response kits/equipment support to first responders of schools, communities, and LDMC
9. Small-scale structural and non-structural mitigation measures
10. Media campaigns for advocacy and awareness raising
11. Light Search and Rescue Training
12. CPiE trainings for children