Core Values and Competencies

Dignity and Partnership

  • FORWARD Nepal appreciates and respects qualities, capabilities, reputations, opinions and values of individuals, marginalized communities, development partners, and professionals.

  • All women and men at all levels have equal rights in the society, and their active participation in development activities and benefit sharing is ensured.

Accountability and Transparency

  • FORWARD Nepal is responsible for its collective and individual actions and adheres to the highest ethical standards for transparency and good governance.

  • FORWARD Nepal is accountable to its members, beneficiaries, donors/supporters and stakeholders and commits to Zero Tolerance to Corruption.

Quality and Innovation

  • FORWARD Nepal explores and promotes innovative ideas for sustainable and inclusive program development.

  • FORWARD Nepal provides quality services with a highest level of learning and performance in order to achieve greater impact.

Rights and Inclusion

  • FORWARD Nepal recognizes and respects diversity of the social and ethnic groups such as Dalits, Janajatis, children, women, youths, and poor and marginalized groups. It discourages all forms of discrimination of these groups including people with different ability.

  • FORWARD Nepal emphasizes gender mainstreaming and social inclusion in all aspects of policy formulation, institution building and program development.