Completed programs

Socioeconomic study on maize production and evaluation and dissemination of Nutrient Expert+ tool based on farmer typologies in eastern terai of Nepal
Vegetable seed distribution for earthquake victims in Chitwan District
Construction of Livestock Shed to Earthquake affected VDCs in Makwanpur
Scoping study to identify and select sites for Community Seed Grain Storage Bank construction in Makwanpur district
Conflict Transformation Assistance to IDPs in Mid Western Development Region of Nepal
Promotion of Green Economy in the Hill Areas of Nepal and Bangladesh
Improving the livelihood of poor households in Siddhi VDC of Chitwan through beekeeping development
Market Access for Smallholder Farmers (MASF)
Harnessing the true potential of legumes: Economic and knowledge empowerments of poor rainfed farmers in Asia
Promotion of Rainfed Rabi Cropping in Eastern, Central and Western Terai of Nepal
Improving Livelihoods of smallholder dairy farmers through feed management
Chepang Mainstreaming Program (CMP)
Implementation of Forest-Based Enterprise Promotion Programme -Multi Stakeholder Forestry Programme
Promotion and Marketing of NTFP & Community Forestry Programme in PCDP/SNV Project Area
Bee-Keeping Business for PLAN Foster Families in Churiya Mai
Improving the Efficacy of Livestock Feeding for Increased Milk Production
A Survey Report on Agro-forestry Practices in the Churiya Forest Development Project Areas
Diversification of Market-led Production System for Enhancing Food and Economic Security of the Poor People
Comparative Advantage Analysis of Plan Working VDCs in Makwanpur District
Capacity enhancement of Returnee Migrants and Remittance Receiving Households (RRHHs)of Chitwan District through Agro/Livestock Business Promotion
Enhancing food security through scaling up of climate smart agricultural practices in Rice-lentil system in Dang, Banke, Bardia and Kailali districts.
Community Food Grain Seed Bank Construction in Makwanpur District
Reconstruction of Earthquake Affected school in Lotanti, Chitwan
Plastic pond water harvesting scheme for commercialization of vegetable and fish farming in Makwanpur district
Developing Baseline Census Profile of Foster Child Families and Assessing Domain Wise Situation to Support Future Development Intervention by Plan Makwanpur