Thematic Area

FORWARD Nepal's programme development and implementation is multi-pronged, integrating key interventions both in horizontal and vertical dimensions to enhance sustainable livelihoods and ensure positive socio-economic impacts on the communities. The organization has five Programme Thematic Areas with the following interventions:

I.      Food and Nutrition Security

  • Food crops and seed supply system
  • Livestock, aquaculture and fisheries
  • High value commodities
  • Farm forestry and Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)
  • Physical infrastructure

II.    Business Promotion and Market Development

  • Enterprise development
  • Value chain development
  • Market promotion and networking

III.   Adaptive Research and Development

  • Participatory innovation, technology development and verification.
  • Development studies and technology dissemination

IV.  Natural Resource Management

  • Biodiversity conservation, promotion and optimum utilization
  • Promotion of renewable energy
  • Nutrient use efficiency and recycling

V.    Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management

  • Awareness raising and capacity building
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Disaster preparedness, emergency response and recovery

Cross-cutting Themes

  • Gender and social inclusion
  • Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Rights-based approaches to development