Name Position Expertise Based in
Capacity Building of Local Partners for Implementing On-farm Resource Management Project
Development of self-sustaining organizations for enhancing livelihood and food security of plan sponsored families in Makwanpur district
Sustainable Transformation of Agricultural Systems for Enhancing Economic Security of the Poor
Development of Self-sustaining Organizations for Enhancing Livelihood and Food Security of Plan Sponsored Families
Addressing Food Security through the Identification of Farmer Preferred Crop Varieties and by Strengthening Local Seed Supply System in the Rural Communities of Western Nepal
Capacity building of local partners for implementing on-farm resource management project
Jajarkot Self-Reliance Programme in partnership with HRDC
Social Preparation for Women for Crop Diversification Program
Promotion of On-Farm Livelihood Option for Increasing Food Sufficiency and Family Income of Resource Poor Families
Capacity Building of Local Organizations to Implement Sustainable Agro-based Livelihood Programs
Promotion of Commercially Important Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) for Enhancing Income in the Chepang Communities
Diversification of Market-led Production System for Enhancing Food and Economic Security of the Poor People
Consulting Services to Develop Appropriate Agricultural Training Package
Capacity enhancement of Returnee Migrants and Remittance Receiving Households (RRHHs)of Chitwan District through Agro/Livestock Business Promotion
Community Food Grain Seed Bank Construction in Makwanpur District
Plastic pond water harvesting scheme for commercialization of vegetable and fish farming in Makwanpur district
Scoping study to identify and select sites for Community Seed Grain Storage Bank construction in Makwanpur district
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